Body Sculpting FAQ

Want to know more about how body sculpting? Do you have questions about how it works? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q: What is ultrasonic cavitation?
A: Ultrasonic cavitation burns fat cells into a liquid form that you dispose out of your body through urination.

Q: What is radio frequency skin tightening?
A: Radio frequency skin tightening uses infrared laser lights to bring elasticity and collagen back into your skin to tighten and lift the area.

Q: What is a noninvasive buttocks lift?
A: A noninvasive buttocks lift uses infrared suction to mobilize fat from the thighs to lift and shape the buttocks.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not at all. Body sculpting is 100% pain-free

Q: What are the side effects?
A: Little to none. You will have to pee a lot, which is mandatory for best results.

Q: Is it permanent?
A: A series of 3-5 sessions is recommended for the most permanent results, although every session is permanent if you follow the aftercare instructions.

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